Dollar Bay Tamarack City Area Schools

Grade 8 Fall 2022-2023

Yee Haw.Best dressed winners.Conner stacking cups.
"Yeah I wore my pajammas to school.
Gotta a problem?"
"I'm working, really."Soo good!
Keyden chilling out."Sup dude?""Don't bother me. I'm busy."
"Can I eat it yet.""How'd that go again?"Allmost finished?
Working hard.Jack's patiently waiting.Emma being thoughtfull in Engligh.
"Is that Santa?""Allmost done!""I work better with my headphones like this."
Cookin up some grub.Gunner's enjoying breakfast.All smiles in Mr. Zimmer's class.

Hard at work in English.Lots of Technology in Dollar Bay.WOW!

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P.S Skaindo;)