Dollar Bay Tamarack City Area Schools

Seventh Grade Fall 2022-2023

Guyius' army is dwindling. Which countries have you visited?There's not enough room in this town for the both of us.
Thomas staying hydrated. Bring the energy! Blake keeps track of all of his homework for the day. 

"Darn-tootin'!"Carl intruiged with yet another book. Wes showing off his strength.
Ava chillin in computer class. Ivan  the syp. Stacy's working hard as usual.
Kalila never fails to smile. 'This is my best friend!"What's so funny?

Alivia takes note of Ms. Rautios wise words. What are you two reading?Kya makes sure to make her work colorful.
Jayden loves all of Ms. Rautio's classes. Post class work talks are the best."My score is over 9000!"
Is that a good story Stacy?Wes strikes a pose!Teamwork makes the dream work.

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