Dollar Bay Tamarack City Area Schools

Fifth Grade Fall 2022-2023

Lilian pushing her friend on the swing.Yay, it's the schoolastic book fair!"Can you let me just do my work?'
Workin' hard.Is he playing for the Lions or the Packers?The fifth graders love assemblies.
Greta will be teaching today.A friend is helping his fellow classmate.Recess time is always a lot of fun.
It's time to work with partners.Sometimes it's hard to concentrate.Computer work is the best work.
Nicholas and Isaac are doing some group work."Finally, my turn on the swing!" Time to refuel.

It's always fun to eat with friends.It's dress day in fifth grade!"I love history"
It's bowling day!Are you okay, Ashton?Feels good to be done.
Always make sure you're on the right website.
Projects are always fun.
"Yeah! Recess!"

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