Dollar Bay Tamarack City Area Schools

First Grade Fall 2022-2023

Beautiful day to be outside with the class!So many possiblities for playtime today.Math games are always fun to play!

Looks like May is enjoying music class!Look at how big that firetruck is!Jump roping really gets those hearts racing.
Wow, look at Allie hang!Making new memories with friends at lunch!That seems interesting to read, what is it?
What's the conclusion of the experiment?Everyone in the D.B Halloween spirit!What game is that?
Are you having fun with the jump rope, Lenny?Homework again?Got to leap to the next one!
What's for lunch today, Ari?What lies beyond the school doors?So many different activities at once.
I hope this experiment isn't messy!What game willl Kendall choose?Sylvie can jump so much!
Be careful not to swing and fall!Does it get hard to eat in all the winter gear, Deklan?Determined and ready to learn!

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