Dollar Bay Tamarack City Area Schools

Kindergarten Fall 2022-2023

Playtime is always a learning experience.Isabelle sitting respectfully.Art class always gets messy!
What are you playing in class today?Pizza day at school!Look at Roan swing!
Tobias and Silas showing off their masterpieces.Group hangout time on the swing.Mm, that looks good!
Brainstorming what to make next.Shh, artists are at work right now!Enjoying the outside air.
Don't have too many going down the slide!Alayna showing off her shirt.What toys are being used today?
It's always a fun day in computer class.Lunch time is always better with friends!Time to line up.
That's a good book choice, Malakhi!Another day full of class activities.Were you able to beat the level?
Brinley, Rose, and Mabel spending recess together.Bryce enjoying a meal brought from home.What art project are you both doing today?

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